Love to Dance Academy

Merritt BC

Dance Instruction by Lizette Nel and Vanessa van Rensburg
RAD and A.D.C Dance Company Registered Studio
- A Project of the Merritt Dance Society -

Blooming Beautifully

During the last two weeks of May 2016, the Love To Dance students planted approx 700 plants in the Olde Courthouse garden.

Each class had a specific section in which to plant their own choice of plants and added a personalized class sign to their section.

The aim was not only to teach the dance students the importance of beautifying the area where they live and work, or in this case, dance, but also the value of taking care of what you have created.

This was the third year the dance students planted seedlings and once again the beautiful flowers and abundance of colours and fragrances are a blessing to everyone who comes to dance or visit the art gallery.

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