Love to Dance Academy

Merritt BC

Dance Instruction by Lizette Nel and Vanessa van Rensburg
RAD and A.D.C Dance Company Registered Studio
- A Project of the Merritt Dance Society -

2016 Summer Dance & Craft Camp

By:  Vanessa van Rensburg

3 Camps, 7 Instructors, 42 Enrolments, 45 Hours = 5 Full days of Dance and Craft FUN while learning new dance styles, and costume and décor design skills!

"A big thank you to all of the teachers and parent helpers for put together such a wonderful summer dance and stage craft camp. Alexia enjoyed every minute of this week and looked forward to going every day. Seeing her and all the kids enjoying themselves was such a joy." - Dawn Nutbrown-Clark

The Love To Dance Academy welcomed local dancers, dancers from out of province and out of country to their 2016 Summer Dance & Craft Camps, August 15 - 19, 2016.

"Ali can't get enough dance. 4 hours a day in her camp and is so mad at me when I come to pick her up because she wants to stay longer. Thank you to Lizette Nel and Vanessa van Rensburg for your care and Guidance." - Candice Rizzardo

Instructors included:  Selena Voigt (Dance Fitness), Bronwyn Kettleson (Acro Arts), Jake Evans (Hip Hop), Kaitlin Mathis (Highland and Tap), Allison Guichon (Costume & Décor Design), Vanessa van Rensburg (Stage Décor Design), Maria Thuveson (Costume Design).

"Thank you so much for putting on such a fantastic week of stage craft and dance! Nia and Dani had an absolutely wonderful time, and I enjoyed watching them show off all they had been taught! It was also wonderful to see so many new faces! It has got us all looking forward to another year of dance!!" - Alison Kuzio

An amazing time was had by all and the Love To Dance Academy would like to thank all the participants, parents, instructors and volunteers!  Special mention to the individuals who sourced and donated tap shoes to the Love To Dance Academy, allowing most of the dancers to experience Tap in it's true form, during the Friday Tap classes!

"Thank you guest teachers, and especially Lizette and Vanessa for organizing such a wonderful variety of activities and dance styles for all the participants! They all seemed to enjoy it, at least my girls certainly did!" - Allison Guichon

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