Love to Dance Academy

Merritt BC

Dance Instruction by Lizette Nel and Vanessa van Rensburg
RAD and A.D.C Dance Company Registered Studio
- A Project of the Merritt Dance Society -

Special Mention: "Love To Dance Academy Parents"

By:  Vanessa van Rensburg

We are truly blessed to say that we have some amazing parents at the Love To Dance Academy!  Our students are committed to the Academy, and the parents are committed to their children. 

"Behind every GREAT dancer is a Dance Mom or Dad who's seen it all, heard it all, and paid for it all!" ~ Anonymous

Being a part of a child's dance training makes an enormous difference, and we encourage this at the Love To Dance Academy.  Our parents create a positive atmosphere; a requirement for a constructive learning experience and a productive teaching environment.

The Love To Dance Academy parents are role models to their children and this is very visible upon entering our establishment.  Our students are respectful not only towards their teachers and other adults, but also towards one another.  They are kind and helpful and always ready to lend a helping hand, regardless of the request.

At the Love To Dance Academy, we rely on parents to take on various volunteer assignments, and help is almost always offered before requested.  Because our parents are so involved in their children's dance training, they know what to expect and take action in a very pro-active way.

"Our parents have volunteered in so many ways, too many to mention but we would like to take this opportunity again to say, THANK YOU!" ~ Lizette and Vanessa

Our parents support their children by having them at class on time and attending events, special to their children…

We have some very talented seamstresses (and some in training).  Our costumes also, not only for humans…

We have make-up artists, stylists and last minute costume adjustment-makers…

Some parents share their knowledge and skill set with our students…

Some are hands-on project supporters…

And when all is said and done, they find a way to deal with Exam & Medal Test stresses in their own unique ways…

'Photos may appear blurry due to uncontrollable exam-related stress laughter by the parent photographer.'

'Photos may appear blurry due to uncontrollable exam-related stress laughter by the parent photographer.'

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