Love to Dance Academy

Merritt BC

Dance Instruction by Lizette Nel and Vanessa van Rensburg
RAD and A.D.C Dance Company Registered Studio
- A Project of the Merritt Dance Society -

Spanish Dance Classes

Spanish Dance is a fiery and passionate art form made up by sound from castanets,  intricate footwork and flamboyant costumes.  We welcome dancers age 3 to 18, to join our Spanish Dance classes.

Start by learning the basics and progressing through the levels by taking part in annual exams and medal tests.  


Love To Dance Spanish Exams / Test / Performances

Spanish Exam Preparation

At the Love To Dance Academy we currently offer Spanish Exams for Spanish Stars, Spanish Sparkles, Beginner Junior, Beginner Senior, Level 1, 2, 3 and 4.  We welcome students age 4+ to our Spanish Exam program.

Medal Test Preparation

The Medal tests are similar to examinations and a way for a young dancer to mark his or her progress in the art of dance.  They have been very popular for many years in various countries, sometimes also referred to as “Badge Tests”. After successfully completing the test sequence and dance, candidates will receive a medal and certificate. This is particularly good for the students because of the “exam” environment practise they will get. We recommend that all students partake in these Medal Tests.

Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities may include dance festivals and competitions, outdoor performances, concerts and recitals, dance demonstrations and presentation classes.

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