Love to Dance Academy

Merritt BC

Dance Instruction by Lizette Nel and Vanessa van Rensburg
RAD and A.D.C Dance Company Registered Studio
- A Project of the Merritt Dance Society -

"In The Spotlight" - Alexia Clarke


This week we shift our focus to an intelligent young dancer who is continually improving and developing her skill-set through her positive attitude.

Alexia Clarke (14) started her dance training at the Love To Dance Academy in 2015, aged 11.  Initially, Alexia attended Ballet and Jazz classes and during 2016 added Spanish dance to her schedule at LTD. 

Alexia is respectful towards her teachers and kind towards co-students, younger students, and dance parents. She is a talented, dedicated and conscientious dance student who works hard to attain the correct style and technical skills required for each dance genre, always trying to improve her dancing.
— Teahcer Lizette, Ballet
Since her first Jazz class, it was visible that the then shy young girl had talent. She may have started her dance training later than many, but through hard work and perseverance, as well as a “want” to learn and improve, she has transformed into a beautiful young dancer. Her interpretation of the Spanish-Flamenco style, as well as her attention to detail makes her a pleasure to work with.
— Teacher Vanessa, Spanish and Jazz

Achievements for 2017:

  • 80%:  Spanish Level 2 Exam
  • 80%:  ADC Jazz Grade 2 Exam
  • 69%:  RAD Ballet Grade 4 Exam
  • 73%:  Lyrical Ballet Medal Test
  • 78%:  Flamenco Flight Spanish Medal Test
  • 85%:  D-Dance Spanish Medal Test
  • 77%:  Rockabye Jazz Medal Test
  • 83%:  2nd Place, Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts (Spanish-Flamenco)
  • SD58 Arts Festival.
  • Dansperations - LTD Spring Dance Recital.
  • Various Spanish-Flamenco and Line Dance performances.

Achievements for 2016:

  • 86%:  Spanish Level 1 Exam
  • 70%:  Jazz Grade 1 Exam
  • 69%:  RAD Ballet Grade 3 Exam
  • 89%:  Disco Jazz Medal Test
  • 93%:  Summer Dance Spanish Medal Test
  • Love To Dance Dance Troupe
  • Dansperations - LTD Spring Dance Recital
  • Nature on Stage - LTD Christmas Concert

Achievements for 2015:

  • 69%:  Hava Nagila Ballet/Folk Medal Test
  • 78%:  Polka Dot Bikini Jazz Medal Test
  • 2015 LTD Christmas Concert

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